Bloom: Memories

Post-Kickstarter Updates

Updates posted every two months!

2D Top-Down Action Adventure

(Actual Screenshot from the Game)

Real-time action in a beautiful fully 2d game. Stealth? Understanding? Violence? What kind of person will you become?

Core Mechanic - Emotions!

(Creatures emotional state influences behaviour)

Happiness, fear, sad, loneliness, anger, hate... every creature is more than a mindless pawn. Will you take the time to understand the creatures and your place in the world? 

Art from the Heart

(World, Art, Story....a single vision)

With creative control fully in the hands of Dani Landers. The story, the art, the mechanics....this is a game made with focused vision and endless passion.

A New World to Explore

(Varierty of environments and secrets)

Hundreds of unique screens spanning across forests, deserts, mountains, and lakes. Some games use tile-sets....but we wanted to go further.