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Bloom: Labyrinth

Fight your way through the many floors of the Labyrinth in this classic inspired 2d action adventure.


Studio Fawn

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The first of the Bloom saga of games, Bloom: Labyrinth is an exciting adventure through 5 twisting floors of the kingdom of the evil King Wego.

Who is King Wego? What is this strange place? Why is there "tofurky" laying around to eat? Pay that no mind! For in Ilana's re-occuring nightmare there are bigger questions at hand to wrestle with....

Featuring two different play modes (a story mode and a challenge "gauntlet mode"), players will have to face against impossible odds to survive. 

Points of Interest

Classic Inspiration


Heavily influenced by the classic arcade game "Gauntlet"; Bloom: Labyrinth re-imagines the top down dungeon crawl.

Following in their footsteps, this also means Bloom: Labyrinth features both a story AND challenge mode (with hopes to add multiplayer support utilizing the core cast).

Careful observers might also notice a few other loving references...such as a nod to Duke Nukem in shrinking enemies to only squash them under foot as you pass by.

Variety of Play

Dozens of Abilities!

Our philosophy is to enable players to engage with the world in a way THEY choose. Bloom: Labyrinth does this by giving players access to dozens of unique abilities and skills to navigate the world.

Will they shrink their enemies to step on them? Lay down webs to trap and burn their enemies? Or perhaps turn into smoke to explore unnoticed?

Of course, since freedom to play the way you want is a priority, this also means players have the option of using a gamepad or keyboard / mouse as well. 


A Story With Purpose!

The early stages of development began after a charged time in American politics following the 2016 presidential election. The hypocricy on display by society helped influence the story of Labyrinth.

Even more, after reaching out to Julian Assange and him replying to see my work, eventually I felt it important to include a character modeled after him in solidarity with his political imprisonment. 

I've never wanted to make games that simply helped people pass time. Hopefully Labyrinth will be amazing fun, but also leave players with something to think on long after the game ends.


Continuing A Story

Ilana was announced as the first prominent transgender character in an RPG some time ago (from Bloom: Memories). Representation is a subject close to me (Ivory), as I'm also a transgender woman, so getting the opportunity to feature her in yet another game was one I had to take.

While there is still more to be released to fully understand the depth of her story, Labyrinth will offer as an important chapter of her continuing saga.

The Team

Ariel Manzur is the co-creator of the game engine "Godot". He also handles all of the coding for Bloom (created in Godot).

The creative force behind Bloom. Ivory runs Studio Fawn and handles the art, writing, design, and a host of other jobs.

Jose is an award-winning composer. From classical music to games, he brings the game to life through his music.